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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Maybe you can go home again

I was flipping around tonight, and I saw the Giants were on. Zito was pitching against the Padres. It was the 4th inning and he looked to have good stuff. He looked to have phenomenal stuff. I used to post to this site almost daily for years, when Zito left the A's I let it sit. I haven't posted in over a year and haven't posted about Barry since march 07. This site is sort of web detritus now. I never had administrator controls and never really knew who did, so those of you out there who'd like me to add a link to your site, I can't. It's funny that it is still maintained by blogger.

But tonight Zito was dealing dealing dealing. My friends and I have joked about how badly the Giants overpaid for him. I can barely remember him being my favorite player. Barely remember my love for him. Barely remember saying, "I'm getting too old to pick favorite players, this may be my last favorite player." And tonight I remembered that he was my favorite player, and damn it, he's still my favorite player. There he was tonight, pinpoint command, hitting all the spots, making hitters look off-balance like it was 2003. He threw 116 pitches in 8 masterful innings. He only struck out 5, but he made 15 swing like they were seasick in an earthquake. They were just over matched. And it was beautiful. For one night I can forget about how the A's and the Giants aren't really battling for anything, they're just out there playin' ball. Guys I don't even know at many of the Giants positions. I haven't paid attention to these guys at all. Then into close was Brian Wilson!?!? I never heard of the dude, and he got his 30th save tonight. He has tattoos and soul patch and he gives me good vibrations. And he has a 96 mph heater

When we really understand time and space, we will learn that time and space are the same thing. Einstein already showed that matter and energy are the same thing. Time, space, matter and energy, all just different forms of the same stuff. My memories are memories, but in reality those events are still the "now" if we could just travel back in time. Then we could find out once and for all if the 12 Monkeys version of time travel is reality, or of it could be like Back to the Future and we could go back and change things. We are all getting older and it seems like time is a one way trip to the grave. It doesn't have to be like that though. Too bad we are too busy wasting time to really understand the universe. It's so fucking beautiful if we'd just take the time to look.

Someday the universe will end. It'll be all done. All the available energy will be used up. And then will come the big crunch. Everything going back to a small ball, and when it gets all the way shrunk down, another big bang. And maybe next time it'll be a little different. Maybe in the next universe the A's will win the 2002 WS. Maybe in the next universe Zito will spend his whole career with the A's. Maybe I won't be in the next universe. Maybe humans won't make it around the next time. Maybe there will be billions of big bangs and big crunches without me. But maybe on the billion and first big bang, it goes pretty much the same, and I am born. That would be fun.

Maybe the universe starts and ends over and over exactly the same way. Maybe I sat right here typing this same post a few hundreds of billions of years ago. Maybe we are locked in a universal repeat like a record skipping. If that's true, wouldn't it be fun to know? Wouldn't it be awesome to leave myself a note for next time around? So what kind of things could I leave myself for the next time around? I was thinking burying something in the ground won't really work... That big crunch is a bitch on atoms, everything will get crushed. What I need to do is send my self a message in ascii. I need to code it into some constant, like planck's constant, or pi or the speed of light. I know I'll code it into the relative abundances of different isotopes. Wait, how the hell am I gonna do that?

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