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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Barry Zito for a Little While Longer

This year again, Barry Zito is the subject of trade rumors. I was always psyched about the blog name Barry Zito Forever, it has a mystical quality to it. But of course Barry won't play for the A's forever, won't play forever, won't even live forever. It is more of a metaphor than a reality. Still the idea of him pitching with someone else's uniform on fills me with dread. Not only can I not accept my own mortality, I can't even accept Zito on another team. It tore my heart out to see Byrnesy leave, Zito's departure is almost unthinkable. But he got roughed up by the Red Sox last night, and the A's have nobody hitting .300 right now. They can't really win a World Series THIS year, can they?

Floyd Landis was asked how he was able to comeback from a terrible stage 16 to win stage 17 and eventuall win the Tour de France. He said, "I always do my best and I never give up, other than that I am just a normal human being." That seems like a good motto for the A's and the A's fans right now. Do your best and never give up. Maybe this IS the year, my spidey sense is just not tingling. But in years I was sure the A's were the best, they didn't win, so if they win it all this year, it shouldn't be that surprising. I have been wrong before. I am wrong a lot. I'd like to think that my efforts in the world push it towards peace and love and make it better, but for all I know I am a thorn in the side of the world. My 66 Volvo's emissions may be just the straw that broke the global warming back of the Earth. But I always do my best and I never give. C'mon A's, one more magical stretch drive, with Zito leading the charge would be pretty cool. We can worry about next year next year.

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