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Monday, February 20, 2006

Jay Payton Wants More Playing Time!

I have read a few places that Jay Payton isn't happy about being the A's 4th outfielder. I think he will get plenty of playing time, between Kotsay's back, and other injuries, he may get the most ABs of a 4th OF in baseball. Here's how I'd like to see the A's work it: Kotsay gets 2 games off per week. Thomas gets 3 games off per week, these days off are staggered. When Thomas is sitting, Johnson goes to DH, Swisher goes to 1b and Payton plays. When Kotsay gets a day off, either Payton or Bradley play CF. This whole scenario does not include stints on the DL, which I fully expect to happen to any of these guys.

Also I'd like to see regular rest for Kendall (one or two days a week or have Melhuse get a pitcher who he always catches) and Chavvy (I dont know if Perez or Scutaro play in this case, and Crosby (Scutaro plays). The A's are deeper then they have been in years, and even Kielty oughta get a lot of ABs from the 5th OF spot.

So I say to you Jay Payton, wait and see, it's gonna be a good year for you and the A's.

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