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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

In the Beginning?

Or as it says in the Bible, "In the big inning." I have posted here countless times in the last few years about the magic of the Oakland A's. How in the second half of the season they just dominate. Last night's game coupled with saturday's game may be a glimpse of the greatness I know this team has.

As I drove home from work last night, here is the scenario I was listening to Ken and Vince describe: It's 5-4 Indians, bottom of the 7th. Now there is another hit, another run comes in and now it is 6-4 Indians. And Macha is coming out to take Zito out. Zito is upset, he doesn't want to come out. Then there is a pause, and then Vince says, "Zito is NOT coming out, Macha is going back into the dugout."

In a couple more pitches Zito got a pop up and it was on to the top of the 8th, 6-4 tribe. Then in the 8th Swisher got a hit, and while Ken was talking about something else, he inturrupted himself, and said, "Now we have tie ballgame." Chavvy had hit one out and just that quickly, Zito was off the hook for the loss and on the hook for the win. Crosby got a single, STOLE SECOND! and Dan Johnson of Coon Rapids Minnesota, got a 2 out rbi single up the middle scoring Crosby.

Then Kiko pitched a perfect 8th and Street pitched a perfect 9th. 7-6 A's win. The A's seem to have lost so many heartbreakers, to win this one was just awesom. Getting Zito the win was a bonus.

Thomas hit another homer in this game too. That guy seems to be getting hot right now. Maybe the A's aren't magical, just good and streaky. Maybe this is the first year in the last 5 that they won't go and win most of the games in the 2nd half, but it sure looks like the perfect storm coming for the A's right now. Better get ready, cause it's gonna rain.

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