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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Adam Melhuse is Raking Right Now

Last night we went to the game. When Melhuse got up, I thought, hmm, Melhuse is catching. But the next batter was Kendall!?!?! So then I figured it out, Melhuse is the DH. And he hit a grand slam and a ringing double while DH-ing. Then I thought about the issues with having both your catchers in the lineup, one as dh. The issue is, if your catcher who is catching gets hurt, your backup catcher who is dh-ing, goes in to catch, and then the pitcher has to bat in the first catcher's spot. All in all, not a bad risk, because if Kendall gets hurt, maybe by the time you need to change catchers, the pitcher is ready to come out anyway. And if not, the pitcher gets a chance to practice for interleague play. It is unlikely that the catcher gets hurt anyway. And if Thomas is hurt, and Melhuse is raking, I say play the risk, get Melhuse the Abs!

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