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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Home Run Derby

Last night was the home run derby on the night before the all star game. It is a show. ESPN seems to think there is some legitimacy to it. They have kids in the outfield getting terrible reads on easy pop flies and overrunning them. I wish I could be out there running around, I could show those kids how to catch a fly ball. Who gets to be out there anyway? During one player's at bat a ball was hit to the warning track near the wall, and a kid jumped up and caught it. Chris Berman said something to the effect of, "They shouldn't be robbing players of home runs in the home run derby." Come on, Chirs?? If a KID is robbing a player of a home run, don't you think a big league outfielder would have probably done the same? The ball probably would not have been a home run in a major league game, and if it's distance was that close to not being enough, a kid catching it should not be criticized. It is a show anyway. I thought AJ Peirzinski questioning both the bats possibly being corked and the balls being juiced was pretty classic AJ. I wonder if he will be the only player in history fined for something he said at the home run derby?

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