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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

When Magic Filled the Air

Mine's a tale that can't be told, my freedom I hold dear
How years ago in days of old when magic filled the air

When the A's won 20 in a row in 2002, it was magical. In my last post I was contemplating the idea that maybe there is no magic with the Oakland A's. Well last night changed my mind. Magic filled the air. The A's got 2 insurance runs in the bottom of the 8th, but they needed them in the 9th, when Street gave up 3 hard hits. Then with a runner on 1st and one out, the magic happened. Street got a swing and a miss for strike 3, and the runner took off for second and appeared to make it, but wait, batters interference. Game over, A's win 7-6. The excitement on Street's face told me he is on board with this whole magic thing and another win was in the books.

This last 9 games which conclude right now with Zito pitching, are 9 games against the AL West pretenders. 3 vs the Angels, 3 vs the Mariners, 3 vs the Rangers. After 8 games the A's are 7-1. If they lose today they still come out of a big set of games with a great record.

A guy I always liked to watch, Eric Byrnes is now on the DBacks, but you can still read about him at: http://byrnesblog.mlblogs.com. Check it out. He is having a good year.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Looking for Magic when Maybe there is no Magic

The A's have been winning a lot lately. They are 10 games over .500 which I think is the best they have been this season. Yesterday they won a game that Loaiza started. He pitched well. If he can reel off a bunch of wins like that, the A's oughta be in good shape.

In past years I was sure the A's were the best. This year I am only sure that they can compete. They don't hit very well, they have a lot of injuries. But they pitch pretty well, their defense is absolutely the best, the bullpen is pretty good. Is this a championship team? Maybe if they are lucky and hot at the right time.

In last night's game Chavvy made a dp at 3rd which was almost unbelievable. On a chopper down the line he jumped, snared it, and tagged the runner diving back to 3rd all in one motion. Then in the casual but efficient way of Eric Chavez, he stepped over the guy diving and threw to first completing the double play.

Later in the game, the Texas 3b missed a playable ball hit down the line by Ellis which drove in 2 runs. Chavvy makes that play. If the A's and Rangers switched thirdbasemen last night, Texas wins that game. Those 2 plays alone would have been at least a 3 run swing. Chavvy also adeptly handled a tough hop on another grounder and cut down a run at the plate. Chavvy is just the best and there is no one close.

If the A's could just get a couple guys playing up to their career averages at the plate they would run away with this division. They just might.

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