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Saturday, July 17, 2004

The Yellow Jerseys are back!

I am diggin on that! I am also diggin on this new writing interface for BZF. The A's didn't have it today, but the last 2 nights featured a nice win by Zito and 2
nice saves by Dotel.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Viva Tejada

Who else was happy when Miggy won the home run derby? I still love that guy. Miguel made a comment that he thought Crosby was doing great and he knew he would. Nothing but class and greatness from Tejada. Another showing of comraderie from the A's and former A's was when Mulder and Hudson were asked which All Star AL hitter was the toughest. They looked around the lockerroom and settled on "Jason". When I was reading that I didn't know immediately who they were talking about. They were talking about Giambi, their former teammate. Giambi might get booed when he steps into the batters box at the Net in a Yankee uniform, but to the A's he is still an old friend.

How about the A's in the 2nd half? They are closer to first at the break than they have been for the last 4 years. Somehow this year feels shakier though. The playoffs are in reach, but I don't have that feeling that I know the A's are the best team in baseball. For the last 3 seasons I just KNEW the A's were the best. I was absolutely convinced they were superior to all the other teams in the league. But they don't have any championships to show for those 4 years. Maybe this is the year they sneak in the back door and surprise everyone. The Marlins did it.

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