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Friday, June 16, 2006

8 Wins in a Row!
The A's are back in first place. They have won 8 in a row. Flying high again. I thought to commemorate this acheivement we could return to the thrilling days of yesteryear.

The Year was 2002, the date was September 4th. The A's were playing the KC Royals and it was a monday, and it was a sellout. The A's jumped off to an 11-0 lead, but the Royals came back and tied it at 11. In the bottom of the 9th inning, Scott Hatteberg hit a walk off home run to give the A's the win. It was their 20th WIN IN A ROW!

This 8 game streak is great, but as A's fans we know it could get even better. That's what this team does, the unthinkable. From that 2002 team, the only guys I still see around are Ellis, Chavez and Zito. In 4 years they have turned over almost the whole roster. Yet the team has a similar vibe to it. Well, Wash is still coaching 3rd, the GM Billy Beane is still around and Ken Macha has gone from bench coach to Manager. I really think the upside of the 2006 A's is higher than the 2002 A's, and those boys from 2002 won 103 games. I am not saying the 2006 A's are going to win 104 games, but they sure COULD.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Best Road Trip EVER???

The A's just finished a road trip winning 2 of 3 in Cleveland and Sweeping NY in NY. I wonder if this could rank up there as the best road trip in A's history? When have they ever been THAT good in a stretch against teams which have for the last few years handed them painful defeat after defeat? It all started with the game Tuesday night where Zito wouldn't come out down 6-4 and then got the win. Those were 2 good teams that have given the A's trouble lately but on this trip it was like a chainsaw going through whipped cream for them. Not only did they cut through, they splattered remnants everywhere. The A's went from underacheiver to AL West favorite again for just about everyone. Of course to me they were always AL West favorite. There will be more bumps in the road, and things won't always be this good, but right now it looks pretty good for the green and gold.

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