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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Here we GO!

11 games left. A's down in the division by 1 and half, down in the wild card by 4. It's a pennant race and I think 8-3 will do it, providing the A's can take 3 of 4 from the Angels. That's a big IF. It seems like the scenario was almost exactly reversed last year at this time, and the Angels ended up winning. Time to turn the tables. Since Harden has been out, the A's have not done well in games he would have started. Today is a game like that with Joe Kennedy starting. Winning today would be pretty big.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

S double-A R L double-O S !

Who is the only pitcher in baseball history whose name features 2 S's, 2 A's and two O's? It oughta be Kirk Saarloos, who pitched a fine game today in Fenway, with the A's winning 12-3. What a job done by the A's 5th starter. Good roadtrip, 5-5. Coulda been a little better, coulda been worse. Their destiny is in their own hands, and it oughta be a fun ride. Bill King was saying to Ken Korach yesterday on the radio, when we started working together in the 90's who had any idea that the A's would embark on a run of 7 consecutive over .500 seasons? It seems like to get to the playoffs and anywhere in the playoffs, they need to conjure up that A's magic for one more stretch. Don't think the Angels and the rest of baseball don't know they can do it.

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