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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy New Year 2006

Well, we made it to 2006. Barry Zito and me I mean. Together wearing our green and gold to the Coliseum. Only this time with neither of us sitting in the upper deck unless it is a really big game. And all my other green and gold buddies will be there too, except Bill King, who I will miss terribly. There has been talk of changing the name of this blog to Rich Harden Forever if Zito gets traded. I am against that, both the trading and the name change. Forever is a long time, but once you put forever on something, it isn't like just changing it after a few years would be cool. Forever is forever. Some day when we really understand our universe we will understand that time isn't what we thought it was. The idea that we can remember the past and not change it, and plan for the future but not remember it will be passe. I am convinced the universe is much more complicated than what we understand. But in this universe we have this game called baseball, and in this game of baseball we have this team called the Oakland A's and we are cosmically rich beyond imagination to be able to watch and root for this team. The A's are just better. I can never seem to get that across to fans of other teams. I don't care if they haven't won a WS in the last decade YET, their brilliance is undoubtable and their success on the highest level is unavoidable. It is just a matter of WHEN.

This is the year the A's put it all together. The optimism amongst the A's fans should be near an all time high, we weathered the loss of 2 pitching studs, and found our youngsters more than up to the task. Jason Kendall can just taste the postseason. He's been dreaming of a chance like this his whole life. He is just the stage coach driver to bring these horses home. With Barry Zito leading the charge.

I bought a dvd player last summer. One of the first things I did was put a dvd in on a night in July against the Rangers when Harden was dealing. He got to the 8th with a nohitter, then Showalter (the Evil Elf) started stalling. After the game they were talking to Harden and he said, "I felt pretty good out there til they started stalling." The evil elf went out to check on his fielders like twice in one inning. I guess cheating in baseball is sometimes called "gamesmanship". And if you get away with something in baseball is Kant going to complain? I don't know, but it was a dominant start.

Then the next night Zito pitched and in the 6th I had to get a fresh DVD-R out of the bundle cause he had a nohitter going too. It also lasted til the 8th. The A's won almost all the games from about the All Star Break to late August. It was a hot streak of biblical proportions. To think that Zito could also almost nohit the hard hitting Rangers a night after Harden is almost unbelievable. But you just gotta believe. This is it brothers and sisters. We are at the doorsteps of the Chapel of World Series Championship. This team is insanely young and insanely talented. I can't wait to get this party jumping.

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