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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Kotsay trade is official

Long and Hernandez are gone. And, as a result, Jose Guillen is gone, too. Rumor has it the A's are pursuing Chad Moeller of the Diamondbacks to replace Hernandez. That would be pretty good, I guess. He's put up an OPS of .852 and .770 the past two years, which is better than Hernandez, overall. I wonder what the Dbacks would take in return...

Another rumor has the A's talking to Mike Cameron. Kotsay, Kielty and Cameron would be one heck of a defensive outfield, but I have a hard time imagining it happening. What would they do with Dye and his $11M? Bench him? DH him? Then you'd either have to sit Hatteberg or Durazo. If they were going to do that, why sign Hatteberg to the extension? Maybe they can swap Dye for an overpaid pitcher or something.

Keith Foulke visited Boston this week, and the rumor there is that Boston will offer him a four year deal. I can't see the A's matching that length, unless there were some performance/playing time incentives involved. I don't think that Fenway is the ideal place for a right-handed fly-ball pitcher like Foulke to pitch. The Coliseum, on the other hand, is perfect for him. Another advantage the A's have is that Foulke lives in Arizona. If he signs with the A's, that's an extra six weeks he gets to spend at home every year during spring training. So I'm still hopeful he'll choose to stay.

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