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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Frank Menechino = Eddie Gaedel?

In a comment below, Joon proposes the above equation. Eddie Gaedel was the midget who played for the St Louis Browns for 1 at bat. He drew a walk. I wonder if he is the only player in MLB history with an OBP of 1.000? I really think Frankie is more of a player than that. Maybe Frankie's purpose on the team is humor and to keep them loose, and if that is true, I am not against it. But now we need help at middle infield, and Frankie's mysterious hurt calf is getting in the way of having a proven major leaguer play 2b. Maybe Scutaro will fill in nicely, maybe we can work a trade of some kind. I like the idea of sending Harden to AAA for a few weeks and keeping both Harville and Duchscherer on the major league roster for a few weeks, cause I really don't know which is a better keeper. I think neither Chad or Justin has any AAA options left. Either would make a nice trade for a 2b like Eric Young. I suppose Ray Durham has too much value to ever get back, boy did I love seeing that guy in an A's uniform. Ray Durham was one of the most professional quiet badasses I have ever seen. Another possibility is either Grudzelanek or Todd Walker from the Cubs, although I don't like Todd Walker or his D very much.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Is there anything positive that can come out of the Ellis injury?

Initially I was going to write, "is there anything good about this injury?" and of course the answer is no. Mark Ellis is an awesome defensive second baseman. I don't have numbers in front of me, but offensively even if he is average, his solidity at 2b is going to be hard to equal. Well, the good news for Frankie, German and Scurtato, is they are going to get a chance. Now Frankie's calf situation is going to be critical. And German has been a prospect for a while now, I'd like to see him start some games. I wouldn't be too surprised by a trade, I'd like to see Duchserer for a 2b but I'd hate to give up someone key to the A's right now. I'd propose waiting to see if the A's can fill the 2b spot from within. I don't suppose there is any way Koonce could learn 2b real quick? :)

Ellis out for the season

It looks like Mark Ellis' shoulder injury has been diagnosed as not only a shoulder separation but a torn labrum as well, meaning he won't be able to play at all this year. This is a major blow to the team, since infield depth was not one of the organization's strong points. Frankie Menechino and Esteban German may share time at 2B initially; I wonder how long it will take the A's to give the job to Marco Scutaro.

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