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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Plan C

Well, Plan A--sign Keith Foulke--is out the window. Plan B--sign Mike Cameron--is gone, too, after Cameron signed with the Mets. What's Plan C?

Other than Arthur Rhodes, I don't see any free agents who might be a good fit at A's prices. At this point, I think they should probably just sit and wait until December 20 and see if any other bargains get non-tendered.

Foulke to Red Sox

It looks like Keith Foulke has chosen Boston over Oakland, as he has signed with the Red Sox for 3 years and $21 million. This is a little disappointing for A's fans, but it shouldn't be that big a blow, since Billy Beane has always been pretty damn good at finding pitching on the cheap, and that does give the A's a little bit more salary wiggle room. Hopefully this means that they can make the best offer to Mike Cameron, since I think he would help the team even more than Foulke.

Of course, rumor also has it that the Mets (and possibly others) are also currently pursuing Cameron. Keep your fingers crossed.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Cameron rumor

KNBR is reporting that the New York Daily News is reporting that the A's have signed Mike Cameron. While I'm willing to believe the dominos may be lining up that way, I doubt a Cameron signing would happen without some other domino falling first: Keith Foulke deciding to take Boston's offer, or either Dye or Kotsay being traded. And I have a sneaking suspicion the A's have their hand in the ARod/Manny/Nomar trade cookie jar somehow. If the A's really have signed Cameron, something else is probably going on, too. I wonder what it could be...

Very Simple Foulke Question

If Steinbrenner wants to beat the Red Sox so bad, and Foulke is deciding between an offer from Oakland and a slightly higher offer from Boston, can't we just get the Yankees to give the A's some money to make up the difference?

I'm kidding, of course. But if they Yankees hadn't just signed a boatload of relievers, we could have dumped Jim Mecir's $3.3M salary on the Yankees and given it to Foulke, and that would have been the difference between the two offers to Foulke right there.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Very Simple Tejada Question
Surely I'm neither the first nor the last person to wonder this, though I haven't seen it specifically discussed anywhere (not that I looked too hard):

A popular conception is that Miguel Tejada really likes playing in Oakland and doesn't want to leave. If this were true (I've tended to believe it when I heard it, though I'm open to rebuttal or counterexample), then wouldn't he simply accept arbitration and rely on his agent to make the best case?

The only flaw I see in this is if he were subsequently traded.

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