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Monday, November 07, 2005

Huston Street: Rookie of the Year

We've known it since about July, but now it's official: Huston Street is the AL's top rookie for 2005. Street beat out Robinson Cano and Jonny Gomes to take ROY honors after a fabulous season in which he pitched 78 innings with a 1.72 ERA, second-best among relievers to Mariano Rivera. The award is the second straight for Oakland, after Bobby Crosby won in 2004 in a much weaker group of rookies. Also receiving votes were Nick Swisher and Joe Blanton. I'm not sure why Blanton finished so low in the voting, considering his 200+ innings, 12 wins and a top-ten ERA, and I'm really not sure how Swish ended up ahead of Dan Johnson, who was just plain better. But I'm happy for Street, and it's especially amazing to think that somebody could be the Rookie of the Year just one year after being drafted. Street arriving in Oakland was like Athena being born fully-formed from the head of Zeus, with an adult's maturity and wisdom. But Street's got a better slider than Athena.

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