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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Who could the A's get?

At mlb.com there is a nifty site which lets you look up all free agents by position. I looked up all outfielders, and tried to figure out which one the A's might like to have. Johnny Damon is there, but he is going to want a lot of money. And right now the A's have a cf. Not saying it can't be done, but Damon returning to Oakland looks unlikely.

There are a whole bunch of guys I don't want, but here are some interesting free agent OF names: Reggie Sanders, Jaque Jones, Jose Guillen. Any of those guys look good to me. How about Guillen? If the A's are, as reported, interested in Milton Bradley, they are saying they will take a player who has had attitude problems. I might give Jose another shot in Oakland.

Apparently, you can never have too much pitching

On the first day of the winter meetings, the A's traded a PTBNL to Toronto for AAA right-handed Chad Gaudin. Gaudin seems like he's been around for a while (he was came up with the Devil Rays in 2003), but he's still just 22 and provides yet more insurance in the rotation. Depending on who the PTBNL is, this looks like a nifty pickup.

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