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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Tyler Johnson returned

Tyler Johnson, our Rule 5 lefty, was returned to the Cardinals today, completing the strange saga of why he was picked in the first place with no answer. This further cements Huston Street as the likely candidate to fill in for Bradford.

Dan Johnson likely to start season in AAA

I read this morning in the Chronicle that Dan Johnson is likely to start the season in AAA. This news, if it is true, surprises me. I thought the A's would keep this guy on the big club, but I guess Swisher and Durazo are backup 1b. Everything I read about Dan Johnson is positive, from his defense to his power. It seems like sacrilege to say anything bad about Hatteberg, but we have gotten about as much as I could have hoped out of that guy for the last 3 years. The A's resurected his career, got him cheap, taught him to play good D at 1b. They love his patience and his personality. That's all great, but 1B is a power-hitter's position and Hatteberg is a gap hitter. I love Hatty to death but someday it would be cool to get a guy on the A's playing first that could hit 30 bombs. Maybe Dan Johnson will be with the A's soon and can show he is the next great A's firstbaseman.

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