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Monday, January 24, 2005

Durazo's One-Year Deal

Some people have been saying Durazo should have gotten more than a one-year deal. With the A's financial constraints, one-year deals make a lot of sense. There was a time in Oakland A's history when Charlie Finley said, "Make 'em all free agents." From an owner's point of view that makes a lot of sense. That way no team would be saddled with big contracts of players not performing up to expectations. I think the A's do a remarkable job trying not to get tied to long-term deals. Jermaine Dye was an exception, but his contract was only 3 years. It seemed like forever though. Chavvy is kind of the franchise player now. Giving him the one long-term deal on the club sounds about right. I would have loved to give a contract like that to Tejada, but if I had to choose one, Chavvy is a good choice. Crosby seems pretty good, maybe he is worth a 3 or 4 year investment while his price is affordable. Harden is about one more good year from getting a pretty long deal. As a fan, it is tough to root for a team where the players turn over a lot from year to year, but with this A's club lately I say let's move players and see what we get. Durazo is solid, but how solid can a gimpy DH be? A one-year deal sounds perfect for this kind of guy.

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