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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday Night in Portland, Maine

Tonight I am in Portland, Maine, on a business trip. I went to downtown Portland looking for a sports bar with the A's game on. No luck. The only thing I could find was Buster Olney on Baseball Tonight. I could have gotten that at my hotel room. They kept flashing up A's scores, 7-6 Angels in the 7th it said. Then 7-6 Angels in the 9th, then 7-6 Angels Final. I wanted to start a chant: It just doesnt MATTER! It just doesnt MATTER! I see that Macha has been playing some scrubs every night. I guess that is the smartest move he has made all year. He is proving my point, that it just doesnt matter and If the Angels sweep this series, it doesnt affect who the A's play or who gets the home field advantage or anything. The Angels can have a nice sweep if they win tomorrow and the deal is, they go home and the A's go to the playoffs. And the A's go to the playoffs fairly rested and with their pitching however they want it. The media wants to focus on the meaning of the baseball games played by teams that have either clinched or are out of it, but the truth is, It just doesnt matter.

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