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Thursday, August 17, 2006


How about Marco Scutaro? This guy is just awesome. He doesn't get to play unless someone is hurt, and then he comes in and does his thing, and his thing rocks! They A's have rather quietly gone 16-3 in their last 19, with Crosby and Harden on the DL. Who would have thought the A's could go on such a run with these 2 out?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A's kept a Rollin'

Last night the A's beat the Mariners for the 14th straight time. The A's are 9-1 in their last 10. The hot streak I was expecting in July was a little late, but here it is. 5 and a half up with a month and a half to play.

Saarloos made a good case for being the #5 starter last night with a fine performance. I don't mind the A's plan for Halsey to get some #5 starts too. The deeper into the season we go, the more we might need that long man, and Saarloos is a good long man, in addition to being a good 5th starter. In the postseason as I see it, you need only 6 or 7 pitchers to do most of the work. You can get by with 5. 3 starters, one 8th inning guy, one closer. The Twins in '87 had that with Viola, Blyleven, Straker, Berenguer and Reardon. The other guy you might need in the playoffs is a long man, that guy for the A's this year should be Saarloos. And I suppose a situational lefty would be good too. Pitching is not an A's problem right now, and I can't believe I am saying that with Harden still on the shelf.

Do the A's need Bobby Crosby back? I guess Crosby is better at the plate than Scutaro, but Scutaro is so damn clutch. He drove in 2 with a double down the line last night.

Is the Bradley for Ethier trade looking bad for the A's? Well I was rooting for the Twins in 84 when they had a bunch of 2nd and 3rd year players. The Twins choked down the stretch that year. I want the A's going deep into the postseason, I want veterans. Milton Bradley will produce in the playoffs. Ethier might not. This team is built to win this year. The motto is succinct. A's in '06. Let's go OAK-land.

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