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Friday, June 10, 2005

3 the Other Way

The A's lost 3 in DC to what looked like a pretty good Nationals team. Am I the only one confused by who will be announcing the A's games this year? I turned on the radio last night to hear Greenwald and Korach doing the play by play. When it was 4-0 Nats in about the 7th, this conversation took place:

Ken: How'd you think Joe Blanton looked today?

Hank: Well he pitched good enough to lose. 4 runs is ok, but it doesn't get the job done.

This furthers my theory that Hank Greenwald doesn't get the A's. He doesn't see them as something unique that should be loved and I am not sure he understands that while objectivity is important, he is also part of the the A's sales and marketing department. Right after he made his not-so-supportive comments, Crosby ripped a triple that scored a run and Kotsay knocked him in a couple seconds later. There was no retraction to his assessment that the game was over. The game is NEVER over til it's over, and I want him to acknowledge it. Let's have a little hope in the pressbox.

Monday, June 06, 2005

When You're Going Good, You're Going Good

This is what Ken Korach and Bill King were saying in the bottom of the first yesterday. Actually Korach was saying, "going well," and Bill King says, "Maybe that is grammatically correct, but baseballically it should be 'going good'".

The A's get so hot and so cold that I think their streakiness transcends the ability of whoever they play. If they are going good, they beat everybody and when they are going bad they lose to everybody. Now they won 6 of the last 7. I have a feeling somehow Billy Beane's system has produced this streakiness. I don't know why and have absolutely no stats to back up my feeling, but the A's are a streaky team. Usually we notice in August when they win 20 of 30 every year, but sometimes we can notice when they lose a bunch in a row. I think streakiness is a good trait, but again have no eveidence to back it up. We gotta just enjoy the hot streaks and ride out the bad streaks as A's fans.

Dotel is out for the year, and that kinda sucks, but Huston Street is my new favorite closer. The worst thing about Dotel from the A's standpoint I think is that his trade value at the deadline goes pretty much to zero if he will miss the stretch. I like the guy, but if Street is the real deal, sending Dotel somewhere for a big bat woulda been fun.

Let's see if the A's can stay hot in DC.

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