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Friday, March 03, 2006

The A's First Game of Spring Training

In the A's first game of spring training, Mark Ellis and Bobby Crosby went yard. Ellis' was a grand salami and Crosby's was a tape measure shot, maybe 450 feet. The season is long and the results of spring training don't count, but when your team's starting ss and 2b hit bombs on the first day of spring baseball, you can't help but think it is a good sign.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Should we still hate the Yankees?

There is a great story at ESPN by Bob Klapisch about Johnny Damon joining the Yankees.

I have hated the Yankees so long it is hard for me to do anything else. My feeling towards them is probably like some feelings neighbors have for eachother in the Middle East. The Yankees have never failed to dissapoint either, when Jason Giambi went to NYC he got on Letterman and made snide jokes about Oakland. Deep down I think he knows he had something good here. ARod and Jeter are so easy to hate. It was very easy to hate Paul O'Neil and Bernie and Posada and Rivera.

But how about Matsui? It is hard to hate this guy. Solid D, tough out, doesn't say much, classy. Being from Japan may mean he can't understand the axis of evil that is the Yankees.

Now Johnn Damon is a Yankee. I love Johnny Damon. What am I going to do, start hating him now? Because of the hat he wears? Damon is a ballplayer who has fun and is fun to watch. He is fun to listen to. He used to ride a skateboard to work in Oakland. I just don't have the capacity to hate Johnny Damon.

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