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Saturday, April 01, 2006

A is for Addict

Last night the A's/Giants game was on Bay Area TV. They had Wash on the mic. Wash on the mic is just a constant stream of brilliance. He was talking about the bunt play, and talked abouthow and why Haren showed bunt and then swung. I know there are other things to do in life and that watching baseball on TV isn't the most productive use of my precious time, but I just loved the game last night. I truly love the A's and I love baseball and it is so great that they are playing again. I say it every year, but this, THIS really is the YEAR. And I have an all-encompasing love for this team. They really seem ready, they have one more year under their belts, and everyone is primed. There is a swagger to this team. I ask all my A's fans, "This is the year, are you ready?" I sure am.

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