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Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Punch in the Gut

I remember in the offseason after 2002, when Billy Koch was traded, it felt to me like a punch in the gut. I remember thinking, "Koch was so great last year, how could we trade him???" And then Keith Foulke followed with the year all closers will always dream of having. I think Keith Foulke had the best year a closer ever had that year. He was just perfect.

Today I feel like we got another punch in the gut, with Milton Bradley designated for assignment. I didn't really like this move when we made it, but I have grown to love Milton Bradley. Has anyone noticed this guy hits everything hard? The ball jumps off his bat they way it used to for Jose Guillen, another guy I miss terribly. And Milton was the only guy on the A's who seemed to be able to do anything in the ALCS. I love his dance, I love him all the way around. I guess I don't love his stints to the DL. Is that it? His one weakness is his injuries? They never seem that serious, and they never seem to keep him out that long. Maybe it is my own denial that makes me think he could go some year and never go to the dl. It doesn't look like it is going to be for the A's. And I am truly crushed. On the other hand, our guys rock, Billy Beane knows a hell of a lot more about finding talent than I do, maybe I can get over this punch in the gut, and keep flying the green and gold.

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