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Friday, December 16, 2005

Shoot the Moon!

In the card game called Hearts, the object is to not have any hearts at the end of the game. Players are dealt all the cards then lay down one card each in a round and the highest card takes the trick. When you don't have a certain suit, you can lay down a heart, getting rid of it. There is one trick you can pull though, if you get ALL the hearts and the Q of spades, everyone else loses. You shoot the moon.

Now bear with me on this analogy: An expensive free agent is a heart. A player who is going into his walk year is a heart. The A's have historically played the game in the way where they get rid of their hearts. In doing so, they have stockpiled young talent, to the point where they had 3 of the top 10 ROY candidates last year, and an extremely young and talented lineup.

They so far have held onto a heart, Barry Zito. Then they went and got a heart, Esteban Loaiza. Then they got another proven big leaguer, Milton Bradley. Maybe a heart. Now I got a feeling we need one more player, and if he is healthy his name is Frank Thomas. The Queen of Spades real nickname is the Big Hurt.

The moon is the world series. Let's shoot the moon!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Milton Bradley!

Bradley and Perez for Ethier.

I really really love this deal. I confess that this is largely because Bradley is one of my favorite players, dating back to his time in Cleveland, but the guy can play defense, gets on base, switch-hits, and has some power. I'm not sold on Ethier; guys who have a breakout year in the Texas league at age 24 are always suspect. And Perez is a great throw-in. Yes, I love this deal on baseball merits too.

I'm super excited about the lineup which now projects to go on the field in 2006, even if we don't sign Thomas.

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