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Friday, July 29, 2005

Do You Like the Coliseum?

The Coliseum is sort of the Rodney Dangerfield of stadiums. No baseball fan likes Mt. Davis, which blocks what used to be nice views of the Oakland Hills. The team complains about not being able to draw when the capacity in nearly unlimited.

What I hate most about the Coliseum is that when the games really start to matter, football starts to damage the grass. Between the football players and the stands being put in center field the field starts to get ugly. And I guess it will happen again this fall.

But for now, the A's have cheap tickets available to see the best team in baseball in an outdoor stadium with nice real grass and usually great weather. They are usually pretty high up in the league in walkup sales, and their hot streak right now oughta bring plenty of walkups in this weekend. Let's walk up tonight, I'm goin'.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

I Loved those Root Beer Float Commercials

As if there weren't enough good things about the A's, they always have great commercials. I read somewhere that Nick Swisher wanted to get in on all the commercials and was telling the people doing them things like, "I'm here for whatever you need." And they were telling him stuff like, "We have enough shots of you, go home."

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Cinderella Story, Outa Nowhere

The A's have gone from the outhouse to the penthouse damn fast. Another day, another W. A 4-game sweep of Texas on the road. A 6-1 roadtrip against the 2 teams that were ahead of them, if you include the 3 game sweep of Chicago, they are 9-1 on the road against competitors for playoff spots. Those stats ARE otherworldly and people are starting to acknowledge it. Now they are tied for the wildcard spot and suddenly they are talked about on all the media outlets. It is hard to not let it bother me that most of those same media outlets were writing them off just a month ago, while I was trying to make the case that they are a good team. Ken Korach was saying something to the effect of, "You hope the A's are good and not just hot right now." But I have to say, the A's ARE really really hot. They are good too, and maybe they can still win 100 games or something crazy like that, but there will be bumps on this highway to the postseason. Let's not count those playoff tickets quite yet. It's almost time though. Certainly they now strike fear into the hearts of those AL teams that think they are playoff bound

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