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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Comeback Win in the Bottom of the 9th!

There is no bigger victory than one in the bottom of the 9th. With the A's down 1-0, the bottom went hit, hit, pop out, strike out, GAME TYING SINGLE BY TODD WALKER, Intentional walk to a rookie, GAME WINNING DOUBLE BY MAKE ELLIS.

The pivotal plays both involved Posednik in LF for the White Sox. With the game tying run at 2b with 2 outs, Walker hit a single to left, Milton came around 3rd and he's going home no matter where the ball is, which I TOTALLY agree with. A perfect throw might have gotten him, but Posednik air mailed it over the catcher. Game tied. Then after the extremely dubious decision to load the bases and face Ellis, Ellis hits a deep drive to left, when I looked on the replays, it appears the ball actually bounced off Posednik's head! He ran back as fast as he could, but it looked catchable, he just couldn't handle the wall, the jump, everything it would take to haul that thing in.

So the A's win a big game. Ellis gets the game winning hit, but Walker got the hit that made the statement that the A's weren't dead. They were never dead, and they knew it, and the fans knew it. Hearing the crowd get pumped up in the 9th from my living room made me want to be there. Let's go A's.

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