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Saturday, July 09, 2005

We got Kotsay!

Mark Kotsay was re-signed today, through 2008. Financial terms have not been released, but I am strongly behind this; Kotsay is the best defensive CF in the game today (Torii Hunter fans notwithstanding; Mike Cameron is in RF and Andruw Jones has declined), and can hit a little too. Add in that he's great in the clubhouse and assuming this is for sensible dollars, something I think we can be pretty confident of, I'm very excited about this.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

.500 !

A few weeks ago I thought it was fairly bold to predict the A's would see .500 by August 1st. Boy was I OFF! July 5th, and the A's are at .500! Tonight they win in extra innings in Toronto. I find myself talking up the A's to people who don't even speak english. Even to people who can't speak! I was telling my 18-month-old niece about them today. I told a stray dog how great the A's are! I've been telling the snails that always seem to get crushed on the sidewalk by me at night when I take out the trash about how great this team is. My prediction boldness can't seem to contain the A's right now. How about: Nick Swisher, ROY. Mark Kotsay MVP. Justin Duchscherer, All-Star, Eric Chavez, Gold Glove. Rich Harden, Cy Young, Oakland A's 2005 AL Wild Card. Oakland A's World Series Champs?

First they ignore you
Then they laugh at you
Then they fight you
Then, you win.


Justin Duchscherer, All Star

Justin Duchscherer has been chosen as the A's representative in the all-star game. Although a great case could have been made for Chavvy or Kotsay, I am very happy for Duchscherer. He deserves it too, this guy was an emergency starter, a great long man in middle releif, and an emergency closer in the last two and a half years. Those are credentials on par with a guy like Tim Wakefield and very few others. He has done whatever asked and done well. When he came up, I didn't feel the A's were too high on him, I remember him coming up a few weeks before Harden, and that Harden was the young phenom and Dukey was the stopgap emergency AAA guy without the devastating stuff. But it's funny how two guys with such different stuff can both compete in the bigs. It coulda been Harden in the All-Star game too if not for the time on the DL. Let's make this final 6 game push to the break and get over .500!

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