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Friday, January 23, 2004

BP Sabermetrics Day

Baseball Prospectus is hosting Sabermetrics Day with the A's on June 6th at the Coliseum just before the home game with the Blue Jays. Exact details are not yet available, but Rob Neyer of ESPN.com will be speaking, and possibly Paul DePodesta as well. I'm sure that many of our sabermetrically-inclined readers already know about this because they read BP.com, but I thought it would be cool if a bunch of us from BZF were in attendance. RSVP is required, but I think it's just to get an approximate count on the number of attendees.

If memory serves, this falls on the weekend just after the amateur draft, so it should be an exciting chance to grill some really smart baseball people on sabermetric ideas.

The website says that it will be held on either June 5 or 6, but I just got an e-mail from them saying they've decided on the 6th (Sunday). Neyer has committed, and he's trying to get Bill James also. DePodesta is almost a lock, but his wife just had a baby so he's a little hard to pin down for the next couple of weeks. Also, for those with A's season tickets, there will be a separate fee for the Q&A session and for the game itself (attendees will sit together somewhere in the lower deck).

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