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Monday, August 29, 2005

Ray Fosse Loves Catchers

Maybe the above headline isn't really news to anyone reading this site, but Ray Fosse makes me laugh every time he points out some good play by a catcher. Yesterday after Haren made a good play on a bunt, running toward 1st, fielding it and tagging out the runner, Jason Kendall made a leisurely walk out to the mound. Fosse was all over it talking about how a smart catcher will give his pitcher some rest. As far as Fosse being a homer, hey I love the A's too, I don't mind. As far as him spending a lot of time pointing out the small things the players do,playing the position he played? I think it's cool too. Color guys are usually former players and Joe Morgan will often spend a lot of time talking about the Big Red Machine days, Fosse taking pride in things catchers do is cool.

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