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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New Format for the All Star Game

I have an idea for a new format for the all star game. It could be all the players with Z in their last names vs all the Z-less players. Barry Zito would pitch for the Z's, Ramon Hernandez could catch, David Ortiz would play first for the Z's. Sanchez at short, ARod at 3rd. Maybe Pedro Feliz or Eric Chavez could get in there at 2b, Ichiro Suzuki could play right field. Manny in left. I guess Ibanez would get the nod in center. Sizemore and Piazza would be on the bench. The Zambranos might get a chance to pitch. The guys with z's in their names stand all could hold their own in an all star game. It would be just as good as what we have been getting at all star games lately, maybe better.

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